A Proud 40 Year History

Mekolec was launched on April 1st, 1977. As John O’Neill, Mekolec’s founder joked: “…only an Irishman would think of going into business on April Fool’s Day”. But after 40 years of successful operation, that judgement has proven to be sound.

Having started in a very small “hole in the wall” in South Melbourne, Mekolec quickly outgrew the location, and moved to its current premises on Thistlethwaite St in 1981, where it has become the most prominent electrical wholesale offering in the area. We are conveniently located close to the city and all major freeways, providing easy access for our customers.

Mekolec is a proudly independent and 100% Australian owned and run company. In 2015 John O’Neill and the Middendorp family collaborated to continue the 100% Australian owned and run business tradition with Mekolec becoming part of the Middendorp group. Today Mekolec continues their success and specialises in the Lifts and Fire sectors as well as Data and Electrical with the full backing of the Middendorp Group of Companies.


Mekolec Trained Expert Staff

The Mekolec team. Real people, real service. (Manager, Marc Golland, sixth from left)
Wide range of stock held in store

Mekolec is run by a professional team of staff who realise the importance of satisfying their customer’s demands for technical support, product knowledge, and above all else, exemplary customer service.

We have a dedicated team of staff, with an average period of service of over 15 years. Our staff members are routinely provided with the training and support required to ensure that our skill, knowledge, and service are always of a level expected of us from all of our clients.

We have our own fleet of vehicles which combine to deliver orders to sites across Melbourne on two daily runs. It is our dedication to delivering our customers material on time, wherever required, that gives them comfort in the knowledge that they will receive their orders when they need them, taking the stress of obtaining material out of their hands, allowing them to focus on the job in front of them.

Mekolec and our staff have developed a culture that has helped the company to remain focused for the last 39 successful years, and we are looking forward to the years to come as we continue to grow stronger and bigger with the support of the Middendorp Group of Companies.


Part of the Middendorp Group of Companies

Mekolec is a part of the Middendorp Electric Group of Companies. Middy’s is Australia’s largest Independently owned electrical wholesaler. www.middys.com.au