Essential Services Industry Expertise

Mekolec has a long history of providing material to the Essential Services (Exit and Emergency Lighting) industry. Mekolec is specialised in Emergency Exit Lighting products, offering customer support and advice on stocked products.

Order with Confidence. All Exit and Emergency Lights offered are fully compliant with Building Codes, Australian Standards, WorkCover and JAS-ANZ. From standard product ranges to the most energy efficient LED Satellites and time-saving computerised monitoring systems, Mekolec offers a comprehensive range of exit signs and emergency lighting fittings for all environments – small office and commercial, large sports stadiums, infrastructure projects, airports and more. Mekolec also offers advice on Emergency and exit light testing (businesses are legally obliged to test every six months under Australian Standards 2293.2.

Compliance Information (Compliance Services Australia)

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2010 states the requirement in Section E, Part E4. There are different obligations under the Regulations dependent on if the building was built after 1st July 1994, or when building work occurred on that building. In essence, all Class 6 buildings over 100m² built after 1st July 1994 require exit and emergency lighting and all Class 6 buildings require at least one exit sign. Class 6 buildings include shops, cafe’s, restaurants, milk bars, dining rooms, and bars. All required exit signs and emergency lights must comply with Australian Standard AS2293.1.

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  • Comprehensive range of exit & emergency lighting



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