As most of you are already aware, raw copper costs have increased more than 15% over the last
3 months. Unfortunately this means a price increase will be incurred as new stock arrives.

We have tried to keep cost increases to a minimum but in broad terms the following will occur:

  • Red TPS Cables: Will increase by approximately 4 to 5 cents per metre
  • Fire Rated Detection Cables: Will increase by approximately 6 to 8 cents per metre
  • Fire Rated Power Cables: Will vary on copper content and will be quoted on a per order basis
  • Existing Orders: In our system for delivery Oct/Dec 2017 will be honoured at current pricing
  • New Orders: Prices for ALL NEW CABLE ORDERS will increase 1 Nov 2017

For more information and an overview of why cable pricing has changed and what this means to you, view CABLE PRICING AWARENESS BULLETIN

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Mekolec.